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Head Chefs, websites and emails

How can a head chef help boost your brand and sales

When hiring the new chef please providing information for the website and newsletters should be part of their role, they could enter this info direct into a website or just dictate what they want to your admin/website person who could then update website.

Participation from the head-chef in the site and marketing material is key for you to fully establish your brand and make customers want to interact with you.  Key things i expect chef would need to do or organise his team to do would be under 2 hours per month, suggstions as follows:
  • Provide One recipe each month plus 4-5 photos taken of the dish being made, this recipe should be PERSONAL including comments from the chef about tricky parts or best brands to use etc.  we would upload this to the website and then add a link to it in the email
  • Would be great if the specials could be added to the site (only takes 5 mins work each day, just ring through to content person in the morning), but this may not be possible, IF it can be it is a great way to encourage the customers to interact and view the site while they stay, we could also list all the specials on the site with a "request recipe" voting form, the most popular special could have recipes written up by the end of the month, this can be promoted via facebook as well and is a great way to get ongoing interaction from guests.
  • Ideally leave a digital camera in the kitchen for staff to use, photograph
    • All specials if possible
    • Any catering
    • Any other special dishes
    • Photos of the team - kitchen and front of house
  • Each month there should be a profile of one team member, starting at the top, adding personality to the website and to the newsletters is a key thing, people want to know about people.
  • One article/deal from a supplier each month - free publicity for suppliers, needs to be an educational/informative article, and/or a recipe.with a photo...this is a simple process of approaching them at the start of month and doing 2-3 follow up calls to ensure content is ready by the end of the month, this part of the website and newsletter will reinforce the local supplier side of things and also provide some great content for the website and newsletter, plus the offer to readers (ideally something that can be mail-ordered out e.g. mail order your honey now, but could also focus on visitors to the island
  • Over time we will have multiple recipes, articles and information updates to the site, JUST two hours per month work by the head chef and team will result in 12 new recipes, 12 new articles/recipes from suppliers, Staff profile page and Nicolas Baudin vip customers only deals from suppliers, good reason to interact on facebook (to vote for the dish they want) and inject the local produce/personality needed to strengthen your brand and increase website visitors and sales.
  • This approach with monthly newsletters will also show potential collaborators what you have to offer - a full page on your website, a promo in your email, which will improve supplier relationships, bargaining power and also make it more likely others will want to collaborate with you.
  • The other key thing is to make the restaurant site become a resource for recipes and information about local food and suppliers so the site becomes a destination for search engines even apart from the food offered.
  • Solid content and offers will encourage people to read the newsletters, return to the site and recommend it to friends, this will also boost sales ultimately.

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