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Restaurant website designs, modules and marketing systems which pump up your sales are a specialty of the team at PumpCMS. With PumpCMS you get Restaurant website designs that get top ranks on Google and include menu, event and blog modules plus integrated newsletters, facebook and other social media to attract more customers and repeat visits to your restaurant.

PumpCMS restaurant website designs are part of a total marketing solution that works. A site without visitors, or one which can't get web visitors to come to your establishment is an easy way to waste a lot of money. You get your own personal marketing coach with PumpCMS to show you how to make the most from your website, newsletters and how to get on the first page of Google yourself without the need to hire expensive search optimization experts.

How can your Head Chef boost your sales?

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Check out some of our recent hospitality website designs:
Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat wanted a stylish site for their famous restaurant, built on the Pump CMS system they can easily update the site themselves and the chef can run specials or modify the menu as needed


This classic NZ bar needed a traditional styled website which embodied the traditional styling's of the bar and made it easy for the clients to run marketing, contests and a club with easy to update pages and integrated mailing lists and email marketing software.  - A Melbourne Italian restaurant located on Lygon St. This site includes a custom design and flash banner to add to the atmosphere (La Notte means the Night). The site includes feedback forms and customer club plus online booking widgets from dimmi.  Melbourne Catering Company covering both corporate and private catering, the new site resulted in a huge increase in enquiries and quotes via the online forms and a site providing everything needed for potential clients. This successful website drives over 30% of their hugely popular cooking class sales and includes radio spots and video as well as promoting the classic Italian cuisine served at this top Auckland restaurant

So many new ways to pump up visitors to your restaurant

T1 can give you the tools and show you how to make the most of online marketing techniques to really pump up the sales from your business, everything from getting top on the search engines through to managing facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.
The Pump CMS hospitality module is an excellent start giving you everything you need to create a restaurant website design which showcases what you can offer and allows regular changes without any further cost.

Includes forms for feedback or contests, and email newsletters to get your clients returning plus content management software and marketing coaching to get your business on the first page of Google. If this new technology is all too much for you, we are here to help and can even manage all your marketing needs on your behalf.

To compete today you need to be utilizing every online advantage you can including:

        • Full listings on Google maps and in other directories and selecting which restaurant directories to appear in.
        • Restaurant clubs with regular newsletters and full profiles in social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc.
        • Feedback forms so your customers can easily tell you what they think so you can continually improve your service.
        • Catchy competitions on your website, to help you involve past customers and get new ones.
        • Hospitality today is all about building a loyal community who will keep returning and tell their friends about you.

Restaurant websites which you can change yourself instantly

as your specials change or to promote events, members club pages and new staff members - Fully featured Content Management system

  • Custom sidebars on your website which can feature photo-showcases, adverts for specials, links to join the club, special event nights etc.
  • Contact pages including Google map links and contact forms
  • Storage of all contact inquiries and form data online, exportable to excel.
  • Member club signups saved as website users, club pages can be password controlled for members only
  • Scheduling to determine when your web pages show or hide on specified dates, ideal for promoting events and planning in advance

Attract new customers with effective use of search engines and forms on your site to encourage visitors to join your club or enter contests

  • Search Engine friendly sites designed to let search engines view every page and follow the rules to get you to the top
  • Training in how to dominate search engine results by following five simple rules when creating new pages with the T1Pump content management system
  • Free Google paid advertising setup with all T1Pump accounts, you set your budget and manage your pay per click advertising campaign
  • Forms to make it easier for your customers to deal with you - functions, takeaway orders, feedback, contests, surveys, club sign-ups, booking forms


Members club and email newsletters to keep your customers returning

La_Notte_Club_form_2La_Notte_ClubEasy to manage member's lists and stylish newsletters to promote your specials and events to your past customers and web sign-ups.
  • Stylish newsletters with your banner at the top, easy to send out as often as you want to promote weekly specials and events
  • Simple to setup members club pages on your website, with members only offers, can be password controlled to restrict access to the "VIP" club only
  • Improve your service and identify any problems quickly by asking clients to fill in feedback questionnaires, you can offer them a discount voucher as encouragement
  • Newsletters can include gift vouchers, birthday reminders and encourage them to visit the website to enter competitions.
  • Effective competition forms can help you gather more information from your customers to help you target them better
  • Personalized emails can be sent to just the big spenders, or those who have used you for functions

Easily manage menu pages plus get the add-on the takeaway system to give your customers an easier way to make orders

  • No more out of date menus - Easily edit any dish, list it as out of stock, or run spot specials.
  • T1Pump restaurant sites all include an efficient menu system allowing your customers to always see exactly what is on offer.
  • Optional Takeaway, function ordering system
  • Your customers get a simple web ordering system, ideal If you do takeaways, pre-orders or want customers to select the items for their functions from a list of dishes via a form on your website.
  • No more pdf downloads, faxes, phone orders or mixed up orders with no proof of what they really wanted.  
  • Include your terms and conditions so customers need to explicitly agree to them before placing their order  
  • Alerts via email or even text to your phone, When an order is made you will get a list of all the items ordered in an email, or an alert to your phone (or to a few phones) via text message that there is a new order.

Example of the takeaway/functions order option


- easily integrated into the existing menu, or add a new function menu or takeaway menu page if needed

After making the order, the client then fills in their details, with order then being emailed to the Restaurant for fulfilment. A text message alert option can also be chosen to alert you that there is a new order waiting.

Haven't got the time to do all the online marketing a thriving business needs today
- let us help you?

Let us help you out, anything from casual help when you need it through to appointing one of our professional marketing specialists to manage every aspect of the promotion of your business.
Your own consultant to not only discuss your needs but create and implement sales boosting marketing activities on your behalf, no hassle just solid results. Hiring a T1 consultant will not only save you time but will only cost you a fraction what it would cost for your own marketing manager who may not understand fully how to use all the modern tools a restaurant needs today.
Contact us today for your no-obligation meeting to discuss how T1 can help you to take your business into the modern age and pump up your sales to a level you never thought possible.


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