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The articles module is used for creating & writing up articles, news or blogging.

  • Is a page of information to based on your opinion.
  • Comments are allowed on articles
  • You can create & have multiple articles on your site.

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The Gallery module creates a photo album of all images.

  • You can have more than one gallery on site.
  • Galleries can hold multiple images
  • Your galleries can be separate into separate groups for different categories.

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The T1 slideshow module allows you to create a show of moving images or videos

  • You can have as many images as you want on the slideshow.
  • You can edit Images or videos on how fast you want them to transfer to new one.
  • You can have multiple slideshows on a page or same one on different page

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The Contacts module is used so people can use this page to grab your contact details.

  • Customers can email you directly by filling out the contact form.
  • You are able to preview your messages through the CMS as well your email account.
  • You can also update your social network details

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T1 Links

The T1 links module creates a database of useful links.

  • Suitable for around 10 - 50 links
  • Appears as a list of links with a description and a linkable image
  • The page is styled to match your site

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The FAQ module creates a page of useful frequently asked questions and answers.

  • You can add questions & answers which users ask frequently about your site.
  • User can solve common issue on site which is getting fixed by looking at FAQ.
  • Can keep track on issues which need to be fixed in next update.

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The Code Snippet module allows you to code selection to be placed on any page..

  • This allows to paste code not the action the code
  • Code snippets can be place on any page not just one.
  • It can display any code as long as its a snippet.

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The sidebar module allows you create sidebars on the left or right hand side of the page.

  • Sidebars can be placed on the left or right
  • Sidebars are useful as can have menus
  • Sidebars can be anything for a gallery, slideshow, articles, products, subpages & just plain text.

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View YouTube videos in your page!

  • You can add youtube videos three different ways.
  • Can insert a youtube video in any content editor section.
  • To player youtube videos you need to make sure you have adobe flash player.

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The footer module allows the user to setup columned footer links

  • Footer allow you to set your footer links in matching categories to the links.
  • Footer allow you to add & delete links.
  • Footer is displayed at the bottom of the page.

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