PHP CMS Modules to upgrade your site

PHP CMS modules with functions to suit most needs are included as part of the standard PumpCMS and with ongoing upgrades you can be sure the basic system will continue to grow (see the full feature set).  For those with more specialised needs new add-on PHP CMS modules are released every month at affordable prices or we can custom develop a PHP CMS Module to suit your needs.

Note: PHP is the language used to program our modules which will run on an open source linux server (with MYSQL and PHP)

Specialised functions at a price you can afford.

PumpCMS guarantees you will get add-ons at low prices, other developers will charge you thousands for similar functionality, but with PumpCMS the basic install* of any module is capped at $50 and we guarantee the top rental price  will be no more than $10 per month (some start at only $3 per month).  

*This price includes theming to match the rest of your site, but you can also contract PumpCMS to customise modules however you want to suit your requirements.

Thousands of dollars worth of add-ons for low monthly fees 

  • Products Module: Showcase all your products, with the easily managed products module which helps you get top positions on Google for each product - $10 p.mth
  • Multiple Outlets? Promote multiple outlets, retailers or agents with the outlets module, including maps and photos for each outlet - $5 p.mth
  • Hospitality Solution: Easily manage menus with a neat layout and even function and takeaway options in the Hospitality module.  - $10 p.mth learn more.....
Book a demo now so we can show you how a specific module will work for your business.

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