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You could be helping your clients find a quality web developer or web marketing coach and earning a nice passive income in the process. We are are looking for companies worldwide to partner with PumpCMS, adding value to your company and clients.

We already have other web developers, printers, accountants and business coaches referring their clients to us (and our clients referred to them) and the partnerships have provided some fantastic opportunities, we would love to be able to chat with you about how partnering works and if it is suitable for you.

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What is the benefit of partnering with PumpCMS

This is your chance to help your clients save money and earn more from their website and online marketing activities, not only will you have their gratitude but PumpCMS offer excellent referral fees. If you want to go a step further and become a partner, actively cross promoting services with us you can earn up to 40% cut of ongoing hosting/coaching fees. Our partners normally end up paying nothing for their own hosting and development needs (if they choose to host with us themselves as well) and we also help our partners improve their own marketing systems as the more sales they get the more leads we get, PumpCMS is looking for a good Win Win situation for both parties.

What can PumpCMS do for your clients?

Anything from full websites to marketing advice. Your clients do not have to rebuild their site or shift to our CMS system or servers they may just want unbiased advice on how they can improve their current website and get better results from their existing developers. A bit of guidance can go a long way to improving performance and profit from web based activities.

You can check out some of our custom designs here to see the range we are capable of. You can also go to to see some examples of the marketing we offer.

PumpCMS marketing specialists are happy to do complimentary seminars for your clients to help educate them, this is a good way to offer them some added value as part of your service, we are used to public speaking about marketing and are often hired to do presentations.

Why PumpCMS?

One of the main differences with PumpCMS hosting/coaching and cms packages is we spend more time helping clients make money with their sites instead of being overly focused on customisation and technical functionality. PumpCMS is also one of the easiest to use and best packages out there to help get good search engine results.

It is easier for clients to make money by regular editing of sites and strategies such as email newsletters, social media etc. than by spending more money making a site look "cool". That said, our current Pumpcms site is really still in its infancy and is a good example of an enhanced template style site, rather than a high end custom site. We will be giving it a full makeover in the next few weeks and updating to a custom design to help us present a more professional image

About PumpCMS

PumpCMS is currently a core team of ten people with new coaches and contract staff joining regularly. The key team members at PumpCMS have over 10 years experience in the industry and PumpCMS has over 150 clients predominantly in Australasia at the moment. We recently decided to move away from high end NZ based custom work and apply the technology and skills we had developed while working with bigger businesses to our CMS software and providing web development services,marketing advice and implementation to the small and medium business market which we felt were not being well served by most smaller web development companies. Our focus is also now international with new branches opening in Australia's' capital cities and the UK in 2011.

PumpCMS hosting is in some of the best facilities available with full server management contracts and 6 hourly off-site backups of all data, (plus of course continuous backups on site) and full redundancy of all equipment giving us an excellent up-time record, you can read what our clients say about us here

PumpCMS is an Online Business

The fully online business model we now follow is more efficient for both clients and our team as we can carry out up to 14 coaching/training sessions a day and can often schedule in a meeting on the same day if not within an hour or two for clients.

PumpCMS aims to exceed clients expectations in communication and responsiveness, we have team members working evenings now so our service hours are longer, but of course we are still happy to meet clients in person as well if they wish. It is often quicker and easier to schedule an online meeting or training session, and the screen-sharing technology we now use makes it very easy to troubleshoot or discuss website changes or provide training.

Our main goal is to work with our clients in an ongoing basis, coaching them on how to use their websites and other web tools effectively.  We make extensive use of google calendar, google docs and a variety of other online services such as skype to run the business with staff spread over 6 remote locations at the moment and clients scattered across Australasia.

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