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Content Management System (CMS) Definition

A cms website is a standard website which has had a program added to it to allow you to login from any web browser and edit the pages or add new ones yourself without the need for a web designer to help you.

Can I setup a CMS myself?

Most are barebones programs designed for web developers to use, you have to install them yourself on your sever and then configure correctly to get the best out of them. They requiring a soild understanding of servers, databases and some web development skills to get them to run. Even if you do manage to install one, there are often so many options that it can take months or years to get to grips with how to use it properly.

Converting an existing site to a CMS package in a way that looks good normally needs the help of a web developer. Installing a CMS yourself is not a good option for most people wanting a quick and easy setup of a professional looking site which gets results on the search engines. If you have unlimited time and are prepared to trawl through forums and help guides and little or no budget and no deadline for getting a professional site online, then you may prefer the DIY approach.

Most non "computer nerds" find setting up a CMS a challenge and when they review the process later they wish they had professional assistance, a little money spent at the start hiring professionals can save you months of wasted time and get you top results quicker

What is the benefit of Professional CMS setup?

Companies who specialise in CMS setup and support (Like the PumpCMS team) know how to configure your website to get you the best results. These specialists can provide you solid advice on how to use the many features to improve service, visitors and sales.

There are a huge array of features and options in good packages and it is important you have full support and coaching so you can quickly get the results you deserve with your website

Not all CMS packages are equal though - choose carefully

Many packages are confusing and difficult to use, taking a long time to edit pages, or they have a limited feature set or require plug-ins to do basic things standard with other packages. Many people with a fancy new CMS struggle to use them properly and are not even aware of some useful features and take months or years to get to grips with them.

Having a coach to show you how to use it properly and provide full support if you get stuck or want some advice means you can rapidly turn your CMS investment into a money making website which you feel comfortable editing and updating. PumpCMS is aimed at getting you up and running FAST and with the full support you need to maintain or build a successful and sales focused website.

Your PumpCMS coach is not some "computer nerd speaking gobbledegook" but experienced marketing specialists trained to show you how to turn your site into a sales powerhouse without the need to hire expensive specialists and wait for slow developers.

Do all CMS packages "Get Google"

Few CMS packages have comprehensive search optimisation features, they are normally built by web programmers with a focus on functions rather than marketing. A good CMS should have: editable URLS, editable metatags, automatic sitemap creation and the ability to edit the description (metadescription) which people see if you come up on Google, they should also allow you to set "H1 tags" for each page and "alt tags" and "rollover" tool tips and link text

Make sure you carefully check all these features are present and that you feel confident using them. Poor CMS design or a lack of support for clients trying to "Optimise their sites" for the search engines will result in low Google positions (e.g. 2nd or 3rd pages on the listings), low visitor numbers and few sales. "Getting Google" is essential, be sure to check all features thoroughly, as one missing element can make your site lost in the back pages of Google.

Often a CMS will say it is "Search Engine Friendly" but when you study the list of features they do not fully allow you to optimise all the key features of your site for the search engines, almost no CMS packages or web developers will help you Search Optimise your site, most prefer to make extra money out of you and keep "SEO" their secret even if your package does include these features.

PumpCMS was built from the ground up by leading search engine specialists with a strong marketing focus and the idea that with the right system..YOU can get your website on the search engines without the need to hire costly Search engine specialists.

Every PumpCMS package includes a basic primer in how to use the CMS to get to the top of Google and allows YOU to tweak every feature which the professionals normally charge you thousands of dollars to do. Your marketing Coach (part of the PumpCMS package) is there to help you get top rankings and suggest changes or improvements you can make to get the best results you can from your site.

CMS websites - Build a new one or use your existing custom design

An experienced web developer can add a CMS;to a website after it has been built retaining all the existing style and design elements but adding extra functionality which comes with the package. Converting a normal site to a CMS website normally costs $950-$1500 depending on the complexity of the existing site. PumpCMS would be happy to provide you a quote to turn your website into an editable site.

Custom website designs can be created by a graphic (or web) designer and a new site built with a CMS backend or you may prefer to just start quick and easy with a simple cms template.

The PumpCMS package lets you start editing your own template site within three days, quick to get online with minimum cost and hassle.

PumpCMS - Easy to Edit websites

More about Content Management Systems

PumpCMS is a FULL SUPPORT sales focused cms which will help you Slash your web development and seo costs

Quickly and easily update your site yourself with either a low cost template based site or get us (or your own designers/developers) to help you with a high-spec custom designed site with all the features you want.

Perfect for any business large or small, simple to use online editor, no prior CMS experience needed.

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