CMS template websites

CMS Template websites are perfect If you quickly need a new site or have a limited budget.  Your CMS template website will have a sales focus, boosting visitors to your website. If you don't want to spend lots of money on a custom design then one of our CMS template websites will get you up and running quickly and simply.

Effective use of the banners and adding a few custom graphics to your site will give you a unique and clean professional cms template website without the extra expense of custom design.

If you do want a custom design we can offer this too, the sky is the limit with high spec PumpCMS based sites
check out some samples of our custom designs here.

A standard PumpCMS Template site with a few extra graphics by your own designers or the PumpCMS team is all it takes to spice up a template site. PumpCMS works with many other developers and designers to help them setup banners,slideshows, buttons and adverts to meet their requirements, we are happy to work with any other specialists, or step in if needed to help out.

Your CMS Template Website will include:

  • Your logo
  • colour scheme
  • choice of fonts
  • 3 simple custom banners
  • Contact page with enquiry form
  • google location map

Slideshow promotion tool

PumpCMS will create 3 slides with the logo, photos and slogans to help you promote specials or specific products.

You can update these slides yourself whenever you want or get a graphic designer to create a special advert or even Multimedia animation for your banner.

You add the wording and content yourself.  (Blank Template package - $695)

or contract PumpCMS to help you add the content.   (Content + Template package - $995)

After you get your template you can then add as many new pages, extra wording and photos as you wish.

Your marketing coach will show you how to use PumpCMS to update your site plus give you advice on how to get on the search engines and make the best use of the included email newsletter package and other marketing features.

Sample template websites

All the below websites were built on the basic template

Most of these template sites are 100% updated and maintained by clients, with no further input by PumpCMS into design and copy, consequently some pages may be poorly laid out.

You can create new graphics yourself, use other designers (developer/designer guidelines) or get PumpCMS to create them for you.

This solution is ideal for those who want to do it themselves and save money, however PumpCMS are always available to style and improve layout and content to ensure sites remain looking good as content is added by clients - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want your site to look good.

Upgrade to a custom design whenever you want

If you want to later add a custom design to your site you can get your own graphic designer or PumpCMS to create one for you and our developers* will upgrade your standard template site to your new graphic design.

Check out some of the custom websites built on the PumpCMS platform by our experienced developers and designers.

In some cases clients have asked for some special customisations of certain aspects, but built on the template system to save the extra cost of custom design, let us know what custom graphics you want added to your template or custom site and we can provide you a quote...

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