CMS Services and Full Features

CMS services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

CMS services and features included with PumpCMS help you create sites that are truly search engine friendly including sitemaps, full metatags and you can use your website editor to update all the important information Google is looking for when deciding where to show your page in the search results. Check out why the CMS services and features in PumpCMS make it a world leader.

We challenge you to find a better CMS for search optimisation, let us know of any new features you find, we are always looking for ways to improve.

The following list may sound intimidating, but be assured with PumpCMS we will make it easy for you to get the best results on search engines. You get initial training to show you how to use the SEO features. PumpCMS is simple to use for absolute beginners but has extra feaures for search engine specialists, PumpCMS will give you more features than you dreamt of and slash the time you need to spend optimising websites.


  • Easily Edited Metatags with counters which count down from the correct amount of letters (71  for titles, 156 for metadescriptions) to zero so your seo fields never get cut off arbitrarily.  Top SEO which also presents your business in the best light.
  • Plain text URLS which you can edit yourself/li>
  • Automatic sitemaps (XML and public webpage versions) making it easy for search engines and visitors to find all the pages on your site (one click option to take a page out of sitemaps if needed).
  • See where you come on Google with a free Ranking report for your top ten targeted phrases on launch and one month later, showing you where you need more work.
  • Search Engine Friendly Navigation guarantees search engines can index your entire site, degrades well for older browsers and is fast and efficient.
  • Simple page indexing (nofollow) features, if you want to prevent search engines finding pages simply click a check box - no need to manually create special robots texts noindex tags
  • Tick box for nofollow to function to stop other navigation links sharing page rank value with low value pages like privacy and copyright pages.
  • One click No follow from function to prevent search engines from following any links on a page.
  • Automatic addition of your company name to the end of your seo titles (if you wish) to ensure the targetted keyphrases remain in the most important first position.
  • Automated Keyword metatag generation if you want it (note most search engines now ignore keywords, so it is pointless wasting too much time on them and a well optimised page will ensure that the most important keywords are in the first paragraph). PumpCMS will scrape the first block of body text, remove the duplicates and then use the first 30 words for the meta keywords tag. This is automatic, and better than leaving them empty or spending valuable time on them. There is no chance of including words not found on the page.
  • Got multiple PumpCMS websites, add footer links and PumpCMS will help you automatically create semi-random (based on the words you choose) links on each page of the site with a variation of the anchor text instead of a single sitewide link with the same anchor text (ideal for developers with a range of sites)

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is a major problem and can lower your search engine rankings. When you have 2 URLs for a single page of content, you effectively have 2 pages competing with each other. Other sites link to your content (which is great) but you can't control which version they link to. Google indexes both copies of the page, but neither version is particularly powerful.

Check-out how we address duplicate content issues:

  • Proper handling of www / non-www domains
  • 301 redirects automatically created if a blog post is renamed or moved
  • index.php does not return the same content as root
  • PumpCMS has a web interface for setting up 301 redirects from pages that have moved.
  • PHPSESSID automatically stripped from URLs, if it even appears
  • Trailing slash automatically added to pages, preventing more dup content
  • No querystring based URLs to play havoc in the system
  • No pagination issues. Often there are 2 different URLs for "page 1" of search results.
  • No homepage redirections - so many CMS sites redirect from root to /home.php which is wrong on many levels


Does your CMS have all these features?

It's fair to say this CMS has been carefully engineered to be as search engine friendly as possible, and the developers know on-page SEO inside out. You won't find any user-created plugin called "Ultimate SEO plugin" because you don't need it. And if such a thing did come about, you can be sure we would be making it standard in the next release. This CMS is strong in this area, and has a clear advantage over competing products

Gets You on Google

  • Edit the description which shows on Search engines when your website comes up (metadescription)
  • Your PumpCMS will come with Google Analytics tracking of all pages, no need to hire a web developer for expensive javascript tracking
  • Conversion tracking is one of the biggest secrets of successful websites and you get it enabled free with your PumpCMS website, fully integrated with Google Analytics. See how effective your website is at generating enquiries with automatic tracking of where enquirers are from, how they use your site and how they found your site. See what marketing is working for you and focus on this to boost sales further
  • Free setup of a paid Google advertising account and your first Paid Google advertisement, the ultimate in measurable advertising, pay to attract visitors to your site when they click your ad, you set the maximum budget and the PumpCMS conversion tracking will guarantee that you know whether an person making an enquiry found your site from paid advertising, Natural search, referrals or some other source. Guarantees you can measure your Return on Investment for advertising, letting you get the best results with the least money and effort.
  • Free setup of your Google maps (places) webpage and advice on how to get the best results by adding more information to it to help your position on local/maps results.

Contacts page which helps you build your business

  • Never lose an enquiry again, stores a copy of every enquiry made to your website. Excellent for measuring website effectiveness over time.
  • Automatically adds enquirers information into your “newsletters” mailing list.
  • All enquiries report to conversion tracking in Google analytics to help you analyse how to increase your enquiries.
  • Google Maps link on your contact page with a click to go to full maps listing making it simple for potential visitors to get driving instructions and find you easily.
  • Easily list and update multiple contacts as staff come or go from the business.

Simple to spice up your site with new graphics, photos and images

  • Easily update galleries and banners on your website whenever you want, perfect to promote specials, new products, seasonal offers or sales slogans.
  • Create your own images or use those created by your own designer or ours. If you want to save money we will show you some quick and easy ways to create stunning images and banners for use with your website with market leading free software and the stylish templates we provide you with your site.
  • You can also request a either a special slideshow style box which will be visible throughout your site, showing either photos from a gallery, testimonials, a list of slogans or a fixed  image and set wording to promote a monthly special.

Simple to control pages and navigation on your site

  • Add as many new pages as you want or duplicate existing pages if you want to use one as a template
  • Simply drag and drop pages to rearrange their order on the navigation or make them subpages (with automatic navigation dropdowns).
  • Schedule pages to go live or become unavailable in advance, ideal for time limited specials or advance planning of public holiday announcements or embargoed items.
  • Choose to display links on the top navigation, footer, both or even in neither place if they are internal pages or only to be linked off text in the site.
  • Make pages inactive and not shown on the menus while you work on them (Draft mode).
  • Add links within pages to any other page on the site or to outside sites, links can open within the same window or in a new window (ideal for external sites so the client does not “lose your site” when they close the window.

Restrict access for staff or members only pages with user control

  • Grant automatic access to members only pages to those who register via a form on the website, passwords emailed to them, plus full reset password functions mean less hassle for administrators.
  • Restrict access to certain webpages for only authorised staff or client groups.
  • Users can be in one or many groups as assigned by the administrator.
  • Grant other staff members admin access to edit the website so you can track what changes they made or revoke access without affecting other administrators.

Rollback and track changes to any page of the site

  • Assign each staff member their own username to login and edit the site.
  • Identify who did what and when they made changes.
  • Rollback to previous versions of any webpage.
  • Your complete PumpCMS is fully backed up twelve times a day for up to three months, giving you the ability to rollback to any of 360 different versions of your site.
  • You can feel confident your site will be back online quickly even in the event of a fire as it also has regular offsite backups in another data centre to minimise any downtime in case of a serious emergency.
  • State of the art server center with multiple telco lines (5) Full redundancy (duplicate systems) of all server architechture giving you the assurance your site will remain online.
  • New Server with full raid system and 4gb of Ram, updated annually to one of the fastest available, check out our hosting speeds and compare them with other hosts, we guarantee you will be impressed with the speed of our hosting and datacenter:
    • Data Center Speeds Fastest available:
      • National: 300 mb/sec download, 100 mb/sec upload (national)
      • International: 94mb/sec download, 61 mb/sec uploads
      • 141 ms ping to Los Angeles
    • Standard Hosting Server Speed (higher speeds available if you would like a dedicated server), You will find this shared hosting speed is amongst the fastest available, feel free to do your own independent testing (these were done with for Aust to NZ speeds).- NOTE we installed this onto our server to test the spped, it generally is used to check your isp test any website speed check the below dotcom monitor site.
      • 5204 kbps Download (
      • 701 kbps Upload

Instantly test your website speed Now and compare with our site speeds: 

You can also use this great tool to test the exact speed of your website and compare it with one of ours


Support and service

  • Comprehensive help documentation from within the system.
  • Knowledge Base with tips and guidelines to help you make the most of PumpCMS.
  • Help-ticket system and phone support (for business customers), 24 hour service.
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