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CMS Hosting for websites - how does this work? 

CMS hosting often requires special files to be installed on the hosting server you use for your website.   Normally the web developer who sets up your CMS will host it on a server they provide or regularly use which is already set-up for cms hosting for your chosen cms.

PumpCMS for example uses the T1Pump Hosting platform which is specially set-up with all the core software that PumpCMS needs to run properly, this makes it quick and easy for PumpCMS to add a new site to that particular server and get it running with no need for extra software to be installed on a server. 

Some developers have added extra custom modules to standard cms packages which may come pre-isntalled on a server for all users, or you may have to pay for the hosting company or web developers to install the software you want to run the add-ons/modules, if your server does not already contain the software for your chosen CMS you will need to contact them and ask them the cost of installing it, make sure they are familiar with the process to avoid any annoying delays or unexpected costs in the process

As with all website hosting it is essential to choose a professional host with guaranteed up-time and excellent service, a website or email which doesn't work or with slow responses will just lose you business.  

All PumpCMS hosting packages include:

  • domain names
  • email
  • a super fast server
  • professional business quality support

you can rest easy knowing that your site is available at all times and that the hosting (server) has been pre-configured to run the latest PumpCMS software available

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